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Study gypsy jazz guitar with Stochelo Rosenberg

An ever expanding library of video guitar lessons in which Stochelo shares his approach to technique, improvisation and rhythm-guitar. If you are a student of gypsy jazz you would probably jump to the chance of having a one-on-one session with Stochelo showing you all the tricks of the trade. And now: this is a real possibility!

Building your arsenal of licks

You will learn the sound of gypsy jazz the way Stochelo has learned it: studying solos related to specific songs in the repertoire. First you will watch Stochelo play a chorus or two on a well known gypsy jazz standard. Then the solo will be broken down into phrases and licks and through close-ups of the left and right hand Stochelo will show you exactly how everything is played and how it can be used in your own improvisations. Of course every note is written down for you, both in notes and tab with fingerings and the right pick directions. Executing the licks with the right fingerings and pick directions are key to having beautiful and powerful tone and your overall development as a gypsy jazz musician. Many lessons will be available when you sign up and more will be added each month. Check the sample lesson to see an example!

All transcriptions are made by Christiaan van Hemert, one of the best gypsy jazz teachers in the world. He teaches gypsy jazz workshops and masterclasses - both on violin and guitar - around the globe and has helped thousands of students to progress in this unique style.

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